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The Department OF Educational Psychology

The Department of Educational Psychology (EPSY) is home to a variety of interrelated disciplines and degree options focused on human development and well-being in educational and community contexts. Our undergraduate programs prepare students to work with children and youth in a variety of community and school contexts. We also offer a range of professional master’s degrees geared towards professionals in schools, communities, and the corporate world. For those interested in doctoral studies we offer Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees in Educational Psychology, Counseling Psychology, and School Psychology.

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Educational Psychology Programs



EPSY offers a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Education and University Studies, with one of three focuses.


Graduate Programs

The department of Educational Psychology offers a range of professional graduate degree programs.



EPSY offers a wide variety of online programs and courses to many the diverse needs our students.

Educational Psychology Teacher Teaching Students


Undergraduate students have the opportunity to complete certificate programs while completing their degree requirements.


“I came to the conclusion that being a special educator is less about whom you teach and more about what you teach.”

– Stephanie Haetchen ’12
Special Education Programs


Educational Psychology

Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance

Texas A&M University offers many financial aid options to help pay tuition and fees, including scholarships, loans, grants and work-study programs. Information can be found on the university’s Scholarships and Financial Aid website.

The college financial assistance page has additional information for college-specific assistance.

Tuition and fees are determined by Texas A&M University’s Student Business Services Department. Cost of attendance information can be found at their website:

Texas A&M Tuition Calculator


Special Education undergraduate students are eligible to receive any of three dedicated scholarships:

  1. State of Texas Special Education Recruitment and Retention Grant Scholarships
  2. Glenn G. & Sharon L. Gibson Scholarship
  3. Andrea E. McKenna ’08 Memorial Scholarship

Students in the Bilingual Education program are also eligible for the following scholarships:

  1. TEACH Grant Program
  2. Texas Educational Aide Exemption
  3. Teacher Quality Enhancement Grant
  4. Hispanic Scholarship Fund
  5. The Gates Millennium Scholar Program


Graduate Merit (GM) and the Graduate Diversity (GD) Fellowships are university fellowships. The GM and GD fellowships are only open to U.S. citizens and first-time doctoral students. These are highly prestigious and coveted awards. The department has to be able to contribute resources to both of these fellowships, so we are limited in the number of students that we can nominate for these awards. As such, our programs only select a few individuals to be nominated every year. These packages are currently financially structured like this:


$25,000 –  Fellowship Stipend – 1st year
$36,000 –  Payment toward Resident Tuition and fees ($9,000.00/ year for 4 years)
$2,112 –  One year Insurance reimbursement

$63,112  –  Total Package

GRAD Diversity

$54,000 –  Fellowship Stipend ($18,000/ year for 3 years)
$27,000 –  Payment toward Resident Tuition and fees ($9,000.00/ year for 3 years)
$22,707 –  Graduate Assistantship ($7,569/ year for 3 years)

$103,707 –  Total Package

EPSY offered two graduate scholarships for the 2012-2013 academic year.

Heather Bradley Scholarship

  • First-year students in Special Education, School Counseling and School Psychology
  • $1,000 (minimum) per academic year

The majority of EPSY graduate students have GA positions either with EPSY, with a grant or research project, or with another department at Texas A&M University. Many GA positions available in EPSY are course supported and are usually filled by more experienced students, but a GA position is not guaranteed. Non-departmental Graduate assistantship (GA) opportunities may be posted on Jobs for Aggies.

If an out-of-state student is awarded any competitive Texas A&M scholarship or fellowship of $1,000.00 or more, the student will be allowed to pay in-state tuition rates for the academic year, which can provide an overall savings of $7,000 -$10,000 over the course of the academic year.

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