Creative Studies Minor & Creative Studies Certificate

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The Creative Studies minor is provides knowledge and strategies to help you think more creatively within the area of your future profession.  Everyone has the ability to think more creatively.  Our job is to help you develop and grow your creative ability.  Creativity changes the way you think about personal and professional situations. 


To declare the minor, complete the Undergraduate Minor in Creative Studies application and obtain a signature from Dr. Joyce Juntune (704 Harrington) or Christy Porter (115B Heaton Hall). Once signed, submit the application to your academic advisor, who will approve the minor and add it to your student account. Students applying for a minor in Creative Studies must have an overall GPR of 2.0 or better.


The Creative Studies minor is 15 credit hours, consisting of six hours of required coursework and nine hours of additional courses, to be chosen by the student. Students must have a C grade or above in all Creative Studies courses to qualify for graduation with the minor. View full coursework options.

Honors sections are available in all core creativity classes. View the course schedule.

Students may work as a counselor with the summer Youth Adventure Program camp for credit hours. Contact Dr. Jay Woodward for more information. 

Creative Studies Certificate

The Creative Studies Certificate is 12 credit hours and is also available to non-degree seeking students.

Contact Joyce Junetune or Christy Porter for more information.