Online Master's in Educational Psychology with an emphasis in Cognition & Creativity

The EPSY online master's program emphasizing Cognition & Creativity is a 36-hour program focused on increasing one’s understanding of creative thinking and learning. The program of study is designed to encourage the personal creativity of professionals and provide them with knowledge and skills to foster creativity and effective learning in others.

Program Delivery

The primary delivery system is online. Classes include powerpoint presentations, video lectures, assignments, group projects, and reading assignments.


This program curriculum will build an:

  • Understanding of how research impacts one's area of interest
  • Awareness of ways creative thinking can provide a competitive advantage in problem-solving
  • Deeper understanding of learning and instruction

Apply for Admission

Required Courses: 24 Hours

Required Course  
EPSY 602 Educational Psychology (Liew - Fall, Juntune - Spring)
EPSY 622 Measurement & Evaluation
EPSY 624 Creative Thinking - Fall
EPSY 636 Techniques of Research
EPSY 645 Creative Genius - Spring
EPSY 673 Theories of Learning (Juntune -Summer)
EPSY 685-700 Directed Studies: "Pro" / "Con" Research Paper (3 Hrs) Part of your final 6 hours
EPSY 685-701 Directed Studies: Portfolio of Applications (3 Hrs) Part of your final 5 credits


Suggested Elective Courses: 12 Hours

Elective Course  
EPSY 431 Personal Creativity & Giftedness (Summer Semester)
EPSY 432 Creative Problem Solving (Fall Semester)
EPSY 433 Lateral Thinking (Spring Semester)
EPSY 679 Research on Teacher Effectiveness
EDCI 638 Trends in Curriculum and Instruction
EDCI 673 Analysis of Teaching Behavior (Rackley)
EDCI 677 Strategies for Teaching in a Culturally Pluralistic Society
EDTC 608 Online Course Design
EDTC 613 Integrating Technology in Learning Environments
EDTC 631 Educational Video
EDTC 641 Educational Game Design
RDNG 612 Children's Literature & Literacy
RDNG 613 Multicultural Children’s Literature & Literacy

*Please contact Dr. Joyce Juntune for more details about the online Master’s in Cognition & Creativity focus.