Educational Psychology: Specialization in Educational Technology (Ph.D.)

  • Student

Ph.D. students in Educational Psychology with a specialization in Educational Technology (EDTC) graduate with:

  • expertise in how technology can address existing educational goals in innovative ways, and
  • a strong skill set in research methods appropriate to the field.

Research in this field focuses on the use of emerging technologies in the design of innovative educational materials. Faculty mentors work with students to develop a program of study tailored to their research interests. This includes opportunities to assist in faculty-led research projects. These typically result in conference presentations and co-authorship on journal publications. Students can also gain college-level teaching experience through an apprenticeship with a faculty member.

The program is highly valued by employers, and our graduates find their skills in great demand. Graduates of the doctoral program find employment as

  • faculty in higher education,
  • administrators in K-12 school districts, or
  • in industry and higher education as leaders in instructional design, training, or evaluation efforts.

Doctoral students are expected to be in residence for part of their program but can complete much of their coursework at a distance.