Current Leadership Grants

Preparing SPED Scholars in Academic and Behavioral Supports. (Project ABS)

Project ABS is a doctoral training grant focused on integrated approaches for meeting the learning and behavioral challenges of children and youth with disabilities. Its dual focus on academic (primarily in the area of reading) and behavioral interventions is designed to prepare students for careers in higher education with research agendas to address the interrelated academic and behavioral problems faced by many students. The ABS program of study emphasizes applied research and service delivery models with academic and behavioral problems experienced by many students.

Project ABS will also emphasize current needs to (a) investigate robust interventions capable of moderating those associations and (b) explore Project ABS scholars will receive structured mentorship opportunities with SPED faculty members at Texas A&M University as they engage in a series of core competencies for the project by  (a) participating in structured, on-going collaborative research projects, (b) presenting at national conferences in their respective emphasis areas of study, (c) co-authoring manuscripts for peer-reviewed publication, (d) executing a pre-dissertation research study, (e) learning fundamental skills for writing grant proposals to secure external funding, and (f) engaging in intensive training and practice to learn effective college teaching approaches.

Those interested in Project ABS should submit an application to the Special Education Doctoral Program that (a) clearly conveys their career goals and (b) summarizes relevant experiences.  Preference will be given to applicants with (a) experience delivering academic and/or behavioral supports in school contexts, (b) experience with PBIS models of implementation, or (c) former coursework and/or experience applied behavior analysis.  Potential applicants may also contact the Project ABS Directors for more information ( or ).

Other Funding Opportunities

  • The majority of doctoral students in special education currently receive funding including tuition and a monthly stipend.
  • Funding options include teaching or supervision graduate assistantship (GAs), federal leadership training grants. and federal research grants.
  • Competitive university level awards are available for students who qualify based on academic credentials and relevant experience.
  • All student applications are reviewed to determine funding matches that align with student interests, interest, professional goals, and skills.

Because funding opportunities are competitive, students who apply by the December timeline are most often successful in securing funding.