BIED Master's Program Options

Thesis Or Comprehensive Exam Requirement

Students completing the M.S. in BIED may complete an optional thesis in accordance with university standards and requirements. The thesis is a formal summary of scholarly investigation involving original data or re-analysis of data originally collected for other purposes.

Students completing the M.Ed. in BIED, or not completing the thesis as part of the M.S. in BIED, must complete a final comprehensive examination.

The thesis or comprehensive exam are formally evaluated by the student's graduate committee and must be presented in a final oral defense. Students work closely with their graduate committee to determine the exam date and content of the final examination.  

Terminal Degree Program or Doctoral Preparation

The master's program may be taken as preparation for the doctoral program or as a terminal degree program. For those who take it as a terminal degree program, the preparation provides sufficient theory, knowledge and skill for significant contributions to bilingual education in a variety of applied settings.

Distance Education Courses

Courses offered via distance education follow all guidelines set by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board: Courses are determined and scheduled by appropriate academic departments, taught by approved graduate faculty, require identical work of students and are structured and evaluated according to identical criteria as on-campus sections.

School districts, community groups and economic development councils in the state rely on Texas A&M University as a source for this program.