Interdisciplinary Studies: Concentration in Special Education (B.S.)


Scholarship for Aspiring Special Education Teachers

About the Special Education Program

Receive your undergraduate degree in a field that makes a difference. Our program prepares you for a variety of opportunities in education today.  Our students become teachers equipped to address individual differences in inclusive classroom settings. From the first semester of admission into the program, you are in the school classrooms. You see your course learning in action. By the time you leave, you have 800 or more hours in classrooms. You will graduate with three certifications: Early Childhood (EC) to 12th-grade Special education; EC to 6th grade General Education; and the English as a Second Language endorsement.

Make a difference. Become a Special Education teacher.

Admissions Process

You must be enrolled at Texas A&M University to apply to the Special Education Program. Freshman, change of major, and transfer students need to follow all Texas A&M University and department admissions policies.

Apply For Admission

Students must apply for admission into the Special Education Program.  There are requirements for this upper-level program. These include the completion of 45-60 hours, GPA of 2.75 or higher, and grades in certain courses.  Applicants are reviewed by a committee and admitted on a competitive basis. The application process is competitive and meeting minimum requirements does not guarantee admission.  (This application process pertains only to students already in the major at Texas A&M.)

Upper-Level Admissions

Field Experiences

After completing 45-60 hours of prerequisite coursework, students must apply for upper-level admissions. Once admitted into upper level, students begin their courses and field experience blocks. In all field experiences, supervision occurs. University supervisors and mentor teachers provide direct and specific feedback on your teaching progress.

Block I

Involves approximately 165 clock hours of practicum in general education classrooms. Your placement is in diverse settings in general education classrooms. You will see and apply methods learned in your courses. Activities including teaching in several subject areas. You learn how to deliver and modify effective instruction. You begin to hone your classroom management.

Block II

Consists of approximately 160 clock hours in special education settings. During this time, you are in both high and low incidence placements. You refine your teaching skills by delivering effective instruction to a variety of students. You are accountable for goals, objectives, and modifications.

Block III

Focus on adolescents and transition with about 40 clock hours.  Your experience with adolescents, multicultural considerations, and students with limited English proficiency grows. You work with parents and community resources as available.  

Block IV

Student teaching block, a 15-week experience. Our placement coordinator and you determine the best setting.

Get Involved

An outlet for students who are passionate about serving individuals with exceptionalities. And learning the professional field of special education.