University Studies: Concentration in Child Professional Services (B.S.)

The University Studies degree is a flexible 120-hour program that enables a student to combine a prescribed concentration, two minors, the core curriculum and electives to create a comprehensive degree that aligns with their individual professional interest.  The program is heavily student centered. It is essential the student has a clear understanding of their professional or further educational interests and the selected plan of study positions them for success.

The Child Professional Services concentration does not allow students to seek teacher certification; however, it prepares individuals to work with children in various organizations, which support youth development. Students may fulfill practicum requirements by working with the Youth Adventure Program.

As a means of preparing graduates for careers in civic, social or religious organizations; hospitals or non-profit organizations; or family and community services, this concentration offers study in upper level education courses that provide a strong foundation in: 

  • Child and adolescent development,
  • Instructional methods,
  • Educational psychology,
  • Kinesiology,
  • Human resource development, 
  • Sociology, and/or
  • Creative Studies.

Starting Fall 2014, students will complete a minor in Sociology (15 hours) and either a minor in Creative Studies (15 hours) or Human Resource Development (18 hours).