Online Courses

In addition to our online programs we also offer a variety of online courses throughout the year.  These generally include:

Undergraduate Courses

EPFB 210  Family Involvement and Empowerment

EPSY 320  Child Development for Educators

EPSY 321  Adolescent Development for Educators

EPSY 435  Educational Statistics

INST 301  Educational Psychology

INST 310 Understanding Special Populations

*These courses are generally only offered online in the Summer semester

Possible Graduate Courses

EPSY 602:  Educational Psychology

EPSY 618:  Nuero/Genetic Disorders

EPSY 622  Measurement and Evaluation

EPSY 636  Techniques of Research

EPSY 642  Meta Analysis

This is not an all inclusive list of online courses as we also offer many more of our  course online programs.  Additionally, we are always developing new courses each semester.

Platforms for online education include:  moodle, centra, ecampus, and elearning.

Please note that international applicants who are applying to exclusively online programs will not be issued an I-20 if admitted. As these programs are completely online they should be completed from your home country.