Masters Programs

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The Department of Educational Psychology offers a range of professional master’s degree programs geared towards those working in schools, academia, and the corporate world. Graduates from our master’s degree programs pursue careers as master teachers, instructional designers, intervention specialists, behavior analysts, school counselors, and technology leaders.  Whatever your aspirations may be within the realm of educational psychology, our graduate programs can help you attain those goals.

Bilingual Education

The online master’s program in Bilingual Education is designed to provide teachers and educational personnel with essential skills to work effectively in bilingual and bicultural settings. Program graduates are prepared to assume instructional leadership positions focused on the development, delivery, coordination, and evaluation of bilingual and dual language programs spanning early childhood through secondary levels.

Special Education

The online master’s degree program in Special Education focuses on academic and behavioral interventions for a diverse range of individuals including those with/at-risk of disabilities. The program of study incorporates a course sequence approved by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board©.  Graduates have gone one to become Board Certified Behavior Analysts and/or assume a range of school- and community-based leadership roles including master teachers, curriculum designers, autism specialists, and positive behavior support coaches.

Educational Technology

The online master’s degree program in Educational Technology prepares students to become instructional designers and technology leaders, using the potential of today’s technologies to design and develop effective, engaging instruction for a variety of audiences, including K-12, higher education and the workforce.

Masters in Educational Psychology with an emphasis in:


Cognition & Creativity

The EPSY online master's program emphasizing Cognition & Creativity is a 36-hour program focused on increasing one’s understanding of creative thinking and learning. The program of study is designed to encourage the personal creativity of professionals and provide them with knowledge and skills to foster creativity and effective learning in others.

Cognition, Creativity, Instruction & Development

The EPSY master's program emphasizing Cognition, Creativity, Instruction, & Development prepares graduates who are educated consumers of educational research.  The program of study is designed to promote a deeper understanding of learning, human development, and basic research methods.

Research, Measurement and Statistics

The EPSY master’s program emphasizing Research, Measurement and Statistics focuses on the design, evaluation, and improvement of varied learning environments. Students pursuing the M.Ed. option are prepared to be educated consumers of educational research. The M.S. option delves deeper into research methods and statistics and graduates are well-positioned to pursue a Ph.D.

School Counseling

The EPSY online master’s program emphasizing School Counseling prepares qualified individuals to serve as school-based personal, academic, and career counselors as well as consultants for educators. The program of study is based on the premise that well-trained counselors play an integral part in the academic and personal development of students at all levels of the educational process.