Special Education - Doctoral Program

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  • Doctoral students and faculty bridge research, teaching and service at the Autism Clinic.
  • We are home to the nationally funded Center on Disability and Development

The Special Education (SPED) doctoral program is a fulltime course of study that prepares students for academic positions in universities and research institutions. The program offers challenging coursework grounded in the field's most current evidence and the latest advancements in research methodologies. Doctoral students receive valuable research and teaching competencies that provide a competitive advantage upon graduation. All courses are designed to develop a strong background in research. Students are also taught problem solving, collaboration and communication skills needed to adapt to the challenges they will face in the field of Special Education.

The program consists of extensive coursework in cutting-edge research design and statistical methodologies. Students receive specialized coursework in special education practices and related issues. Additional core competencies are designed to enhance student competence in grant writing, research and college teaching.

SPED doctoral students are actively involved in innovative field-based research collaboration with faculty and may conduct their own original research, present at national conferences and publish in high-quality journals.

Faculty research projects are supported by external funding sources from a number of federal, state and local entities. The array of research projects within the program provides opportunities for doctoral students to collaborate and gain valuable grant management and collaborative research experience.


The doctoral program committee uses a set of criteria to assist in evaluating prospective student applications. Applicants are encouraged to use this as a guide in determining whether to apply to the program and in assembling their application packets. View full doctoral admissions.

For financial assistance information, including grants & other opportunities, visit the Doctoral Funding page.

Program Features