Educational Technology

Educational Technology

The Educational Technology Program at Texas A&M explores the role that established and emerging technologies can play in improving education.  Classes focus on the design, development, and implementation of effective instruction for a variety of audiences and settings, including K-12 schools, higher education, and training/professional development in business, industry and government. Students in our program develop a thorough grounding in instructional design, learning theory, and innovative educational practices supported by technology.  Additionally, they acquire and hone their skills in using powerful technology-based tools to develop and deliver educational materials. 

Classes in the Educational Technology program are offered online, making it possible to complete the Master of Education (MEd) degree entirely at a distance.  Doctoral students have a residential requirement for part of their program, but much of their coursework can also be completed at a distance. 

Graduates of our MEd program are employed in a variety of fields:

  • in K-12 schools as technology administrators, professional development specialists, and classroom teachers
  • in industry and higher education as instructional designers, evaluators, and managers
  • in small businesses as designers and developers of training programs, educational websites, videos, and games; and in a wide variety of other positions and settings. 

Our PhD graduates typically pursue careers as faculty at universities and community colleges or as administrators in K-16. Our graduates find their skills in great demand and a degree from Texas A&M University highly valued by prospective employers.

Our students come from a variety of backgrounds: in-service teachers; trainers from industry, health care, and the military; and graduates of different subject areas who decide they want to apply their skills and expertise within an educational context; just to name a few.  This diversity of backgrounds means that students work with peers who have a wide range of experiences, skills, and interests, leading to a rich learning environment and a great network of contacts and friends that lasts long after completing the program.

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