Steps Through the Program

Step One:  Submit an Admission Application to the CPS Program.

Applicants must be a graduate student at Texas A&M University or the School of Rural Public Health, and must apply for admissions.

Step Two:  Receive Feedback Regarding the Review of the Application.

The CPS Advisory Council will review each student's application for compliance with the CPS requirements.  The chair of the CPS Advisory Council will issue a notice of acceptance or rejection.

Step Three:  Pay Fees.

Students are required to meet all financial obligations to Texas A&M University by the due dates established by the University.  Tuition and other institutional fees for seeking a certificate in prevention science will be charged in accordance with current rates of the University.  Current rates are available at the web site and may change periodically. 

Step Four:  Receive CPS Advisory Council Review.

Each student who is near completion of CPS coursework will be required to submit a record of performance that includes a list of all courses taken and completed in the program and the grade earned in each course. 

Step Five:  Receive the CPS.

Once a student completes all requirements, their advisor will send a letter of approval to the advisory council chair.  The chair compiles and submits a list of all students who have completed the requirements to the department head of each administrative unit.  The Certificate is awarded to a student who has successfully completed all CPS program requirements with an average GPA of 3.00 or higher.  The department head of each student’s administrative unit prior to scheduled graduation ceremonies will award the CPS for a master or doctoral degree.  

No certificate will be awarded to a student who has any outstanding fees or other financial obligations to the University or incomplete CPS coursework.